Benefits of Shoe Deodorant Odor Smell Remover Capsule

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Benefits of Shoe Deodorant Odor Smell Remover Capsule:


No one should be embarrassed to remove their shoes, Right?

The Cure No More Stench odor eliminator absorbs moisture and prevents odor-causing bacteria from flourishing. Patented plastic Capsoles contain Zeolite aluminosilicate minerals to absorb moisture and perspiration, while antimicrobial n Shield stops mold and mildew from forming. The Cure No More Stench does not mask foul odors with heavy chemicals, but actually traps odor-causing dampness and bacteria to remove it altogether. The Cure No More Stench leaves shoes, clothes and spaces with a light fresh-smelling fragrance.


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Breathable hollow design, the release of fragrance, deodorant bactericidal effect. Swivel opening into the shoes, not closed in order to maintain its effectiveness. On the shoe to kill odor-causing bacteria on the wardrobe can be kept dry and fresh, Also a air freshener, on the cabinet drawers, suitcases, releasing fragrance. Prevents Mold Mildew and Bacteria for up to 5 Y




Cute capsule shape, personality and unique, practical and can be used for home decorationABS material, health and environmental protection, corrosion-resistant and durable, safe and odor,






Material: ABS + active mineral + Aroma Pill

Color: Blue, Pink, As per availibility

Weight: 50g

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