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Product Features-

  • Slim Ergonomic Design-The Gemei Gm-7300 Rechargeable Shaver features an ergonomic design which makes it very comfortable to hold while shaving your beard. It also features a rubber grip which ensures that you a proper grip of it while using and minimizes the chances of it slipping from your hand.
  • Power Consumption-This device runs on 110 volts and has a charge time of 8 hours. The device once fully charged can be used for a perfect shave for up to 45 minutes.

  • Wet & Dry-The Gemei Gm-7300 Rechargeable Shaver has both a wet and dry function which means that you can use it along with shaving cream and other liquid products. This device is water-resistant and can last for an extended time if used properly.

  • Safe Shaving System-The Gemei Gm-7300 Rechargeable Shaver has quite a few safety features such as the flexible head which ensures that not much pressure acts on your skin while giving it a smooth shave. This also reduces the chances of getting cut with the blades.
  • Digital Display-The Gemei Gm-7300 Rechargeable Shaver features a digital display which makes it easy for you to use. It also ensures that you get the best of accessibility to give you the best shaving experience.

  • Care and Maintenance-When it comes to the care and maintenance there are certain things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best of services from this device. Firstly this device is washable and hence it is ideal to keep it clean at all times to ensure that the blades last for a longer time. It is also important to keep this product dry when not in use. Although this device may be water-resistant, too much of liquid exposure may lead to the damage of certain parts inside. Hence It is ideal to keep it dry when not in use. Last but not least is to keep this device charged when not in use so that there will be an adequate amount of battery power left on the device for the next shave.

Product Descriptions-

  • Electric Shaver Gemei GM-7300 The Gemei Professional GM-7500 electric shaver is designed specifically for men who want to always look good both at home and on the road, there is a built-in trimmer. In this case, you can forget about irritation. 3 floating shaving heads that are in maximum contact with the skin of the face, a comfortable and easy shave. It works on a battery, the full charge of which holds about 60 minutes, takes 8 hours to charge.
  • The electric shaver is made in a stylish design, fits comfortably in the hand, and is very compact. It is convenient to take a Gemei Professional GM-7300 electric shaver with you on the road as the battery lasts quite a long time and many have to shave every day.
  • The Gemei GM-7300 is designed to make your morning shave quick and perfect. Now get a neat and precise cut using this high quality and brilliantly designed rechargeable razor. It has a special ergonomic pop-up trimmer design that shaves and cuts off unwanted hair like a pro.


  • Adjustable moving blades for different shaving lengths
  • Two Replaceable Batteries
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50 / 60Hz 3W
  • Rotary, powerful high-speed motor
  • Number of shaving heads and nets: 3 corrosion-resistant heads
  • Shaving Type: Dry
  • Trimmer Type: Folding
  • Knives/mesh: stainless steel
  • Charge Indicator: LED
  • Power: mains / battery
  • Charging time: 8-12 hours
  • Battery life 60-80 min
  • Charge storage time: up to 10 days
  • Noise Level: Low
  • Vibration Level: Low 

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