Anti Slip Floor Tape Hazard Heavy Duty Slip-Skid Adhesive Strips Tape

-44% Anti Slip Floor Tape Hazard Heavy Duty Slip-Skid Adhesive Strips Tape

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This 2 in 1 meter is an absolute must for every serious gardener.2 easy to read scales enable you to be sure of the moisture up to 150mm below the surface of the soil. This is vital to ensure optimum growth.Ph is of great importance and the scale reads from 8 to 3.5 which will cover your gardening needs. Note: the ph meter is not designed to compete with those costing many hundreds of rands. It gives the gardener a basic idea of soil acidity. It requires the soil to be moist to work.The beauty of this meter is that you can also check your light levels. For those shady spots under trees etc. Just how dark is it really? Now you can be sure. The range measured is 0 to 2000 lux.No battery is required for this meter, simply push into the soil and switch to which range you wish to read. Each unit is tested and working before despatch.


Slip-skid adhesive strips for various uses, you can put in any surface so you avoid slipping. Are also indicated in the tank of motorcycle to avoid sliding forward, also great for bikes, skateboards or scooters with specific staining for reports of danger.Lodging on scales of warehouses, platforms, elevators or industrial floors.

Non-slip adhesive tape particularly suitable for slippery surfaces, angled or dangerous. Due to its high impermeability and resistance can be used in both interior and exterior.


Non-slip coating consisting of abrasive particles aggregated by synthetic resins on a sturdy support dimensional stable. Suitable for all surfaces subject to heavy traffic both pedestrian vehicular (stairs, offices, condominiums, ramps, walkways, lifts, platforms of machinery, etc.) Make sure all passageways. Sticker attaches instantly to the surface where you want to attach it.Non slip skid tape ideal maximum quality for stairs, steps and floors, has a long shelf life and is resistant to water, can also be used on safety anti lines.
Size : 5 Meter

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