i7s Twins Double Wireless Airpods Bluetooth Earphone Stereo Music Headset With Charging Case Compatible with All Android and iOS Smartphones

-92% SOLD OUT  i7s Twins Double Wireless Airpods Bluetooth Earphone Stereo Music Headset With Charging Case Compatible with All Android and iOS Smartphones
Q: What about battery how many hours are elightnu(Gagan)15/05/2019
Q: Is there any return policy(Mahesh)16/05/2019
Q: When will it be delivered ? And I was not able to chose the colour! And can I return it if Its defective? (Sarita)20/05/2019
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Q: Cant we use both the same time? Because for me both are getting paired but at a time im able to hear only in one. Please help(Sneha )23/05/2019
Q: If I order this do I get across for both the ears(Praneeth)24/05/2019
Q: What about batteryhow many hours are elightnu(Ashish negi)26/05/2019
Q: Is it one piece or two? (Sanjay)28/05/2019
Q: How many hours it work after full charging(Aadesh)28/05/2019
Q: In my device both are getting paired , but only one works at a time. Can't you sort this out?(Divyansh)29/05/2019
Q: Is ds airpod compatible with Android (oneplus 6)? (Shrasti )01/06/2019
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Q: This airpods have an warranty ????(Aniket Pokharkar)11/06/2019
Q: what is the bluetooth capacity time period after once its charge full(Avishkar murkute)13/06/2019
Q: Air buds are included or omly case?(Shubham)07/07/2019
Q: What is warranty? Any return policy?(Meghna)25/07/2019
Q: What is warranty of this item?(Prabir)01/08/2019
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Q: Is cash on delivery available for this product?(Misbakhan)15/08/2019
Q: This is fack(Riyan)05/09/2019
Q: Battery backup upto how many days (Goutham)08/09/2019
Q: is it compatible with windows 10?(Aranjay Sharma)24/09/2019
Q: Can you give cable (Riyan)29/09/2019
Q: What about warranty?(Suresh)13/10/2019
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Q: Return policy? (JAY )23/11/2019
Q: Return policy and warranty?? (Sahil)28/11/2019
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Q: Bluethoot having a mic can we talk also over bluethoot or only listen music(Yogesh)07/03/2020
Q: How long is the battery backup?(Viraj Baruah)11/03/2020
Q: What is the battery life and what's warranty policy ???(Priya)12/03/2020
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Q: What about its warranty and battery backup ?(Mohit)11/04/2020
Q: Compatible Android phone and return policy is available?(Prabh)13/04/2020
Q: Is there any return policy? in how many days can i return these if there's any defect in product.(Shreya Tripathi)05/06/2020
Q: Is it compatible with Android phone? What is its warranty and return policy ?(QUADHIR)10/06/2020

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Product Features:

  • ADDED COMFORT AND FUNCTION – No more AirPods falling out! Our earhooks keep your AirPods comfortably anchored in your inner ear with a soft grip. Our eartips increase sound isolation and add comfort during long term listening. Both increase stability while exercising or doing any other activities you enjoy. All Kit(Airpods accessories) included Airpods Clips ,Airpods Silicon Casse,Airpods Eerhook,Airpods Strap(Airpods Grips)

  • STYLE WITH PROTECTION & LOSS PREVENTION – Defend both your Apple AirPods and the charging case they come in from daily wear and tear, and look great doing it. Go the extra step with our AirPod strap allowing you to safely rest them when not in use. Our hardshell case is perfect for travel protection

  • COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE - The case and AirPods will continue to work just like normal. You’ll still have access to the sync button and lightning charger point access on the case. All tap, sensor and charging functions of the AirPods will operate normally. **IMPORTANT – The AirPods are NOT chargeable with the earhooks or eartips on.** Luckily they only take seconds to put on and take off.

  • USER FRIENDLY – Application & Removal of all the items are hassle-free and easy to complete. Rest assured your AirPods and case will be safe. Simple one-button design, Easy to use and fast pairing with your Bluetooth devices

  • INTELLIGENT COMPATIBILITY -support all Bluetooth mobile phone, tablet, notebook, singing it, QQ music, movies, etc., universal all mobile phone

Charge it for 20 minutes before using it for the first time

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