- Car Washer High Pressure Electric with Submersible Pump Car Exterior Cleaning 12V Cigarette Lighter Connection

-75% 2 - 3 Days Car Washer High Pressure Electric with Submersible Pump Car Exterior Cleaning 12V Cigarette Lighter Connection
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Q: How can I use the pump indoors for other purpose - is there a adapter available so that I can connect the pump to 230V Electrical supply (SHRIKANT )08/05/2020
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  • World-class car washer: 12v mini car washer is a multi-functional family car and home washing machine which is made of micro submersible pump as the main body, It perfectly washes away the dirt, grime and deposits from the car without hassle.
  • Small but powerful: car washing machine is small in size yet powerful with water-saving feature to provide high pressure enable you to wash your car cleanly, water saving, for water flowers, car cleaning, cleaning air conditioning, wash bathroom, window cleaning, wash floor, mini and portable car washer.
  • Most amazing car wash tool, you can directly use river water, wash sound with infinity, lightweight and compact, a true and convenient car washing machine.
  • This car was made DC 12v power supply, can be used directly in the car, convenient and practical safe and reliable, this is a great car washer set, for car use, car cigarette charger with over-current protection function, Packaged with car washing pump and water gun high pressure pipe.
  • This product is mainly used in many aspects, such as outdoor car wash, watering plants, outdoor washing window and so on, car car wash family car high pressure 12V22V electric car washing machine mini submersible pump washing machine water gun cleaning.


  • Portable electric pressure washer If you need an all-inclusive cleaning kit for your home, then look no further!This portable electric pressure washer is a capable equipment that can get rid of dirt and stains from various surfaces.
  • The kit includes a submersible water pump, a water gun and a water hose that can be used together to ensure a thorough cleanse.This multipurpose equipment is lightweight and travel-friendly 80W submersible pump This powerful 80W pump from comes with a flow rate of 4.5 litres per minute to ensure that your car or other household items get a thorough cleanse.
  • The 0.6 to 1 Mpa discharge pressure makes it ideal for domestic use. Water gun with an ergonomic handle Aim the water gun at anything that you would like to clean with a steady water pressure and press the handle to discharge the water.Ergonomically designed, the handle allows a firm grip while the discharge handle has sufficient give to let the water flow 10m special hose.
  • The special hose included in this package takes care of all your domestic cleaning needs.Connect the10m long hose to a water source and use the other end to clean surfaces effectively Lightweight & easy to carry All items in this kit have a combined weight of less than 1 kilogram.The lightweight set offers sufficient portability,which means you can use it anywhere in the house or carry it in your car during a trip 3m power wire with cigarette lighter connection The submersible pump comes with a 3-metre long power wire.
  • There is a provision for connecting a lighter at the other end of the wire for added convenience Multipurpose use This kit takes care of all your household cleaning and other necessities.Use it to water your plants,wash your cars or clean your terrace as you deem fit.

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